11. Wrote That In Blue - Written By Ray Phillips / Kevin Sproul

With crayons in her pockets, And ribbons in her hair, She knelt down by the bed, And said a little prayer, Lord I miss my daddy, Since he's been away, Can you help me write a letter, Can you tell me what to say

She wrote in red, Wish you could tuck me in bed, She wrote in gray, You seem so far away, The words she wrote in green, Said you're always in my dreams, Her letter ended daddy I love you, She wrote that in blue

He opened up her letter, And found her crayons there inside, In every word he heard the sound, Of his daughters lonesome cries, It's Been forever since he held her, He's counted every day, (He knows)(but) a soldier's not supposed to cry, So he wipes his tears away, oh oh

He wrote in red, Wish I could tuck you in bed, He wrote in gray, Miss you more and more each day, The words he wrote in green, Pumpkin you're my everything, His letter ended daddy loves you too, He wrote that in blue

She blew out seven candles yesterday, To have him home was the only wish she made, He wasn't there to cut the cake, Or help her try on her new skates, Or pick her up the one time she fell down, What he'd give to be there now

'Till then her letter's all he sees, Cries every time he reads, The part where she says Daddy I love you, She wrote that in blue

Last night he dreamed, She fell asleep in his arms, With crayons in her pockets, And ribbons in her hair